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  Implementing team

Eva Blažíčková


Pedagogue of dancing, choreographer. In 1975 she founded the Studio of Chamber Dance Prague. In 1992 she founded the Duncan centre Conservatory. Choreographic cooperation with theaters: Olomouc 1989, Disk 1988, Theater of Music 1982-1988, National theater 1983, Na Vinohradech theater 1982, 1975-1990 cooperation with film and TV. Foreign artistic and pedagogical experience /mostly Germany, Hungary, Italy and France, Belgium, Finland, China, USA, Taiwan, Turkey/.

About the project: Artistic activity in general allows children to experience not only rational cognition of the world – moreover dance harmonizes physical development of children. This experience is later showed as an inseparable part of their everyday life and it adds value of spiritual dimension. We all know this, we still talk about it, there is no need to hoard proofs of benignity of artistic activity on the development of personality of a child, and everybody understands it. We lack willingness to change things – willingness of people, politicians, we lack deeds. The Špalíček project is such a specific deed; we hope that it will not be just another proof.

Olga Sommerová


Film director, pedagogue. Until 1989 the director of Short Film Prague /Krátký film Praha/, after 1989 she collaborates mainly with Czech Television. She created about one hundred documentaries and she has been awarded with thirty prizes at Czech and foreign film festivals. She deals with social topics, important personalities, and feminism and current topics of our country. Since 1991 she has been teaching at FAMU in Prague. She is the author of successful books that were written based on a successful movie What Women Dream About, then What Men Dream About. She is the honorary chairperson of the Božena Němcová Society.

About the project: I am particularly interested about its social educational aspect, change of children when encountering with fine music and when working together on a collective piece of work. Regarding the fact that the film will be shot during one and a half year, the change will be recorded authentically and therefore the significance of the project will be confirmed.

Jakub Hrůša


He belongs to the most successful Czech conductors. In 2000 he was awarded in the Prague Spring competition, in 2003 he became a laureate of the international competition of conductors “Lovro von Matačić” in Zagreb. In 2002 he became the chief conductor of Prague Student Orchestra, 2002-2005 he was an assistant of chief conductors of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also interested in opera. In 2001 he staged the work by Marko Ivanovič Girl and Death as a world premiere, he also cooperated with the National Theater in Prague. Since 2005/06 he has been working as a chief conductor of Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic in Zlín, he has become the chief conductor of Prague Chamber Philharmonia and an assistant of chief conductor Myung-Whun Chung of Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (2005/06). He collaborates with many foreign bodies. Since 2006 he has an exclusive contract with Suphraphon Music company. Currently he is represented by an important British agency IMG Artists.

Ivan Adam


An architect, stage designer, the student of J. Svoboda. An assistant to J. Svoboda when staging Ulyssea in Laterna Magika /1988/89/, he collaborates with the Duncan Centre Conservatory for a long time, with the F.X.Šalda theater, with the theater Goose on a String. As an architect, he is a co-author of the project of houses Parukářka, interior of the Náprstek museum. 1990/91 he was a coordinator of Czech consortium of Revival of Smíchov.

Aleš Březina


Composer, musicologist, music dramaturgist, the director of the Institute of B. Martinů in Prague, the initiator of the project Martinů Revisited. Internationally recognized specialist in life and work of B. Martinů. The author of music to movies Knoflíkáři (Buttoners) /1998/, Musíme si pomáhat (Divided We Fall) /2000/, Horem pádem (Up and Down) /2004/, Kráska v nesnázích (Beauty in Trouble) /2006/, Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále (I Served the King of England) /2007/ etc. He wrote a melodrama A-ha! for the singer S. Červená and an opera Zítra se bude... (Tomorrow There Will Be...) about the trial with Milada Horáková in 2007. He is a member of Czech and foreign professional societies, the artistic Board of the National Theater and Prague Spring.

About the project: Špalíček will be one of the most significant enterprises of whole celebrations of B. Martinů anniversary. Putting together professional artists and children from basic and high schools will result in long-term meeting of two groups of people that can mutually enrich. A regular contact of non-professionals from so-called fine art allows us to observe influence of art on young people who would not probably encounter with it. The documentary by O. Sommerrová will record this particular experience and it will make it available for a large number of viewers here and abroad.

Lenka Dohnalová


Musicologist, organizer, producer. A specialist in analyzing music culture, electro-acoustic music, semiotics, iniciator of the project Špalíček. A director of the international competition of composition of electro-acoustic music Musica nova /since 1996/, a coordinator of Czech Music Board - the Czech section of the International Music Board at UNESCO /since 1993/, a coordinator of the Czech part of the project B. Martinů Revisited 2009. The author of books Esthetic Models of European Electro-Acoustic Music /1998/, a CD catalogue of Czech electro-acoustic music /2000/, books like Czech Orchestras /2005/, Czech Music Guide /2006/, editor of CD Anthology of Czech Music /2004, 2008/, CD Sampler of Contemporary Czech Pop /2008/.

About the project: I was inspired by a very successful project of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Rhythm is it! when initiating the Špalíček project. An unusual methodic core of the project lies in long-term collective work of professionals with total amateurs on an important artistic piece of work. Originally uninformed and often uninterested children from various social classes and of various origin later dance with professionals in a public performance. The anniversary of B. Martinů is an opportunity how to use Czech music for such an intention, to place it in significant context of a big project called Martinů Revisited and then share the results with many people here and abroad even with the help of a film documentary.

Realizační tým

E. Blažíčková (Duncan Centre Conservatory) – execution of the dancing part
D. Hoštová, V. Kacianová, Z. Sýkorová, J. Malík, J. Hudečková, L. Čapková – lecturers of DC
R. Otépka (PKF) – execution of the musical part
O. Sommerová - director of the collective documentary and documentary recording
ČT – producer of the collective and film documentary
A. Březina (Institut Martinů) – consultee
L. Dohnalová (Art Institute – Theater Institute) – production, coordination
D. Blachut (Damúza) – production cooperation

Artistic team

Prague Chamber Philharmonia, J. Hrůša-conductor
Bambini di Praga, Prague Philharmonic Choir
E. Blažíčková – choreography
I. Adam – stage design
J. Beneš Mc Gadie – light design
K. Štefková - costumes
O. Sommerová – a director of the film documentary
O. Špátová - camera

Cooperating schools

asic schools Barrandov, Grafická, Vlkova, Chmelnice, Drtinova

Thursday 30.06.2022
aniversary for today Šárka

Main producent:
Art Institute - Theatre Institute